Virtual File Cabinet
The trend towards business support of "work from home" has created Virtual Business. However, many of these businesses continue to have the need to archive documents into an organized filing system. In many cases, this can be accomplished using only a set of directories and files stored in a common server. The disadvantage of this approach is that access to data is difficult to control for specific users that need access to spcific areas applicable to them and there is no mechanism to automatically flag/remove items that are no longer needed.

The PANDER Systems Virtual File Cabinet economically and effectively overcomes these shortfalls by providing an electronic filing system based on "Cloud" storage. Users are limited to virtual file cabinets based on their job assignment in the organization and cannot view documents that are stored in virtual file cabinets for which they do not have permission to use. When users workstations are connected to the internet files that are dropped into a user's folder are automatically transferrred to the "Cloud" where they will be available to other workstions that are associated with users who also have permission to use the file cabinet. These concepts also allow a user to maintain his/her file cabinet even when no internet access is available.

Installation setup utilities allow a company to define file cabinets (up to 24) and intial folders for each cabinet (up to 24 folders per cabinet and up to 24 cabinets in each folder). Users can add folders (up to 24) into existing folders as required. The installation setup also allows the company to define access rules based on the users job title.Provision is also made to define a set of "File Plans" that dtermine when documents in a folder should be removed.


The Virtual File Cabinet product can be downloaded from the button to the left. You may evaluate it free for 30 days. You must download and install the Virtual File Cabinet and obtain its Serial Number before you can purchase the product key.

CAP members may also want to download the CAP Configuration file which configures the application to meet CAP reuirements.

Enter Product Serial Number
To use the Virtal File Cabinet after the 30 evaluation period, you will need to purchase a license for $20.00 US.  Input your Virtual File Cabinet serial number during the purchase so be sure that you have installed the product and have use the Register menu option to obtain your serial number. Finally, click on the Buy Now button to purchase your license.

Your application key will be eamailed to you within 2 working days from receipt of your payment.
If you do not received it within 2 business days or have questions, please contact PANDER Systems.