PANDER Systems has been providing businesses and organizations with custom software and consulting services for over 20 years. The primary engineer, Pete Andersen is a registered Professional Engineer in Control System Engineering and focuses on applications involving human interactions with the computer systems. Applications have involved design and consulting of control systems and user front-ends for industrial, financial, and government areas.

As a pioneer in the computer industry, Mr. Andersen has developed applications using custom control boards, mini-computers, micro-computers (he was one of the first customers to use the Intel 4004 chipset), and the PC computers of today. He spent over 23 years as a senior engineer at Intel Corporation until he retired in 2000 to devote his time to PANDER Systems.

PANDER Systems applications are focused on simplifying user interfaces to complex control and data based environments. These applications involve tools that are Windows, Cloud, and Web based. His background in industrial environments and his work with volunteer based organizations has enabled him to understand the issues faced by operators and to create applications that optimize the human interactions with other systems.

PANDER Systems can provide you with custom front ends or full applications that will insure that your staff can interact efficiently with your financial, control, or data management environments.


PANDER Systems is providing business front end applications to several industrial business accounting providers and to customers who need simplified custom interfaces to these systems.

Please feel free to contact PANDER Systems to discuss your specific needs.



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