Contacting PANDER Systems

IMU/WMU users should always feel free to contact PANDER Systems. If you have questions related to how to use the modules, you should first see if someone else in your wing can provide you with help. Look on the training pages of this website to see if there is a training module that will provide the information that you need.

Support Issues

If you encounter a bug in any of the utilities created by PANDER Systems, make certain that you can duplicate the issue before you contact us. You should capture a screen shot of the screen just before the issue occurs and include this as part of your support request. Your request should include the following information:

1)     Your name

2)     Your CAPID

3)     Your Wing and Unit

4)     The module that fails

5)     The screen shot of the module just before the failure

6)     A description of what you were doing and what happened.

You should email this to


If you have suggestions for improvements or additional features, please send them to


Peter Andersen

PANDER Systems