CAP Attendance Log

CAP units are required to track member attendance at meetings and activities. Tracking the participants provides the ability to confirm participation and to confirm a member was present if an incident should arise. Since e-Services only provide this capability for safety meetings, units have been forced to use the paper Attendance Log that can be downloaded from e-Services Reports. Although this document is useful to record participation, it does not lend itself for determining historical trends or individual participation in specific areas.

The Windows based PANDERSYS CAP Attendance Log automates the process of recording attendance in CAP unit meetings and activities. It’s simple point and click interface allows users to easily check into an activity with a single click. Tools are provided to generate a paper CAP Attendance Log if needed using the electronically saved meeting information. Additional tools allow the generation of historical summaries of participation in any combination of meeting types.

The application is designed to function in either a Wi-Fi environment or as a completely stand-alone product. When connected to the internet, the Attendance Log can be synchronized with membership data from e-Services and meeting information can be archived and downloaded from the WMU database.


System Requirements:
     Microsoft Framework 4 or higher
     Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010
The CAP Attendance Log can be downloaded from the button to the left. You may evaluate it free for 30 days. You must download and install the CAP Attendance Log and obtain its Serial Number before you can purchase the product key.

To use the CAP Attendance Log after the 30 evaluation period, you will need to purchase a license for $5.00 US.  Input your Attendance Log Serial Number during the purchase so be sure that you have installed the product and have use the Register menu option to obtain your serial number. Finally, click on the Buy Now button to purchase your license.

Your application key will be eamailed to you within 2 working days from receipt of your payment.
If you do not received it within 2 business days or have questions, please contact PANDER Systems.